2017 Finish Along Q4

Proposed List for Finish Along Q4

I’m late to the game as usual but I thought, why not? Motivation to finish and the possibility to win prizes for finishing something on my to-do list – yes please! If you’re new to the Finish-A-Long and want to know more about it, check out this post by Cut & Alter – one of the numerous hosts.


Q4 closes on January 6, 2018 so this list will include all the various presents I want to make for gifts this year. Which, I’m warning you, is LOTS! Not to mention my daughter’s cool weather wardrobe. If you remove those two groups of things there’s not much left. Here’s to my 2018 Q1 list being MUCH smaller. Do I think I’ll get all of this done? Heck no! But here’s to being optimistic.

And now, onto the list!
* I really didn’t want to number them because then it would seem all the more daunting to myself, but I realized that it will help to keep me organized if I do. So… Yea… I’ve seen lots of lists that have many quilts on them and I applaud those makers! The vast majority of items on my list are ***much*** easier and quicker than quilts thank goodness. Plus, I try to make multiples of things so that I only have to do the planning once for multiple items.

1) I started this crochet pumpkin for my table back in the beginning of September. For some reason I’ve just not finished it… Maybe it’ll be done before I put away the fall decor.


2) My little girl picked out the fabrics for this Halloween pillow cover for our couch and I designed it. I’ve pieced it, quilted it, buried the threads and promptly got tired of looking at it. Here’s to squaring it up, adding a backing and putting it on my couch – soon!

halloween pillow

3, 4, 5, & 6) Using these mini charm packs (plus another one of Tole Christmas not shown) I’m making four pillowcovers of my own design, three of which are going to be Christmas gifts.

7-11) I’m ashamed to say that I don’t yet have handmade Christmas stockings and I’m planning on fixing that situation this year! Up on my to do list includes a stocking from my own design for my hubby (7), my youngest (8), my oldest (9), my grandbaby (10), and myself (11). I’ve already cut out the fabric for two. I’m just debating on if I want to line them or just use some interfacing to stiffen them up a smidge.


12) I loved the texture in the Embossed Leaves Reversible Shawl (which is the Furls free September CAL) so much that I started one for myself! Here’s hoping I’ll finish it.


13, 14, 15) I’m going to be crocheting up three sets of the Clamshell Facial Scrubbie Gift Set for Christmas gifts. I’ve already started one set in pink and making the other two in white.

crochet set

16) Back about a month ago I started on the Simple Statement Wreath by Goodknits and for some reason I’ve yet to finish it. I would like to get it done and up asap. It’s not like there much left to do! Heck, I’m using a bulky yarn! LOLOL


17-22) A couple of weeks ago I made these Off Set Econ Blocks to test the paper pieced pattern for @justasmiplestitch on IG. I’m going to turn the small ones into 4 cup cozies and/or mug rugs (17, 18, 19, 20), the middle size into a wall hanging for my daughter (21), and the large blocks into the front of a tote bag for myself (22). So that’s, what, 6 items to make from these blocks.

23) I also just started a new crochet sweater / cardigan / vest thing for myself this past Saturday. I’ll be making the Mountain Ridge Cardi by Be A Crafter using some Mary Maxim Prism Sparkle in Ember colorway that I’ve been hoarding now for close to a year.

mountain ridge cardi

Those were all the things that I have individual photos of already. The ones below, well, not so much. Instead of taking the time to photograph all the various fabric pulls for them, here’s a photo of the fabrics pulled and on my to do shelf (yes, I have a specific shelf that I use for projects that I’ve started or at least pulled fabrics for). Plus, see the binder? I print out all the various patterns and instructions and put them in there. They’re sorted by type of project so I can easily flip through them to work on something I feel like because once it starts to feel like work and that I need to do it, I stop! LOLOL The categories I have them broken down into include: quilts, crochet, sewn items (not including clothes), clothing, and general crafting (basically anything that doesn’t fall into one of the other categories).

24, 25) First up is Halloween costumes for my little girl and myself. She wants to be Rapunzel (her all time favorite princess) and so that means I’m going to be a princess also since I always try to coordinate our costumes. These are going to be made with upcycled clothing mixed with some new fabric.

26) Since I’m also going with a new to me theme this year for Christmas decorating, I’m going to need a new tree skirt. It will be just a simple flat circle skirt with a ruffled edge since the fabric itself will be a red buffalo plaid.

27) For a Christmas gift, I’m going to be making one of the Cosmetics Bag and Brush Roll pattern by So Sew Easy using some laminated Tula Pink fabric I’ve been holding onto.

28, 29) Using the Zipper Pouch Tutorial from The Sewing Chick I’ll be making two of these little bags for Christmas gifts.

30) When I went to QuiltCon  2017 in Savanna, GA I snagged a panel of Mermaid Days by Cori Dantini because my little girl loves mermaids (yea, I know, what little girl doesn’t?) and I’ve yet to do anything with it. However, I would like to turn the panel into a quilt for her for Christmas. I’m planning on making some large blocks using solids along with some extra wide sashing to turn these 3 images into a quilt that’s at least 60″ square. Here’s to a quick quilting project.

31) Also, my little girl has been going crazy for one of those DreamTents for her bed, however, they only come in twin size and she has a queen size bed… Gotta put on the DIY thinking cap and figure out something for her. So far I’m debating between using preprinted fabric (there’s some beautiful ones out there!) or painting some lightweight nylon. There’s going to be some PVC used for the frame (I’m think along the idea of garden hoop houses). Add in a string of white Christmas twinkle lights for the “stars” and I’m hoping to make something she’ll go crazy over!

32, 33) Using the Honeycomb Cabled Beanie pattern by The Unraveled Mitten I’ll be making two of these for Christmas gifts; one in dark gray and the other in a blue to match the Georgia Southern University blue.

34) Crochet a Unicorn scoodie for my youngest for a Christmas gift. I’m going to base it off of the Cuddly Cat Crochet Scoodie with Pockets over on Moogly.

35) Finish the mini quilt for the QuiltCon Michael Miller Fabric Challenge. I’m still on the planning stages for the pattern but I have a general idea of what I want to make and my fabrics are all ready.

36, 37) Finish my Circle of Life and another unnamed mini quilts for the QuiltCon Flying Geese Challenge. The fabrics are picked out, the ideas are solid, I’m just ironing out the details of the patterns.

38) Come to find out that even though my youngest has not yet seen the Trolls movie she absolutely LOVES them! So I’m hoping to crochet a beanie for my youngest to look like Poppy the Troll. I have all my yarn, I just have to get busy.

39-42) As I mentioned earlier, I’m completely switching up my Christmas decorations this year so I’m hoping to make a buffalo plaid pillowcover with a deer silhouette similar to this one (39) and another buffalo plaid pillowcover similar to this one (40). Plus, I’m wanting to make two buffalo plaid buntings (41, 42) to hang up in my living room.

43, 44) While I’m at it I’m thinking a set of 4 buffalo plaid quilted placemats with various silhouette appliques would look really good on my dining room table. 😉 Not to mention the buffalo plaid Christmas themed mantle scarf for my TV stand something like this.

45) New pieced and quilted planner cover for my 2018 planner. I can’t make it a day without my planner and for some reason I’ve never made a cover for my planner! GASP! I’m hoping to fix this asap.

46) My youngest is like me and loves school supplies, bags, and organization things. I’m wanting to make a carry bag for her crafting supplies made from fabric and clear plastic. I’ve looked at numerous patterns but none of them are what I really want so I’ll be improving it.

47, 48, 49) Using the Zippy Pouch pattern by Designs by Fee I’ll be making two of them for Christmas gifts to hold crochet hooks (47, 48). I’m also hoping to make the Clear View Crochet Hook Case by The Inspired Wren (49) for myself.

50) Make a pouch for an iPad using the Dakota Tablet Clutch pattern from Swoon Sewing Patterns for a Christmas gift.

51, 52) Make two 123 Book Bag pattern by Imazzpatterns to hold the two recipients Bibles for Christmas gifts.

53) Roll-up Necklace Case pattern by Peggysew as a Christmas gift for a female friend who loves jewelry and travels frequently.

54-58) I really like the idea of using the Origami Lotus Bag pattern by Exchanging Fire as project bags. I’ll be making three to give as Christmas gifts (54, 55, 56) and two more for myself (57, 58) for a total of five of these cute bags.

59, 60, 61) I’ll be using the Bella Clutch pattern by Clover and Violet to make three different Christmas gifts.

62, 63) Make the Pearl Wallet Clutch by Swoon Sewing Patterns as a Christmas gift and another for myself.

64) Set of 2 Christmas themed placemats for a Christmas gift.

65) Make a crochet bucket and set of snowballs for a Christmas gift for my youngest.

66) A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a destash sale on Instagram and seen the Indygo Junction Trench Topperand fell in love with it! I’m hoping to make one for myself before we get cold weather. Fingers crossed.

67-69) I’ve also agreed to make THREE deer antler beanies with flowers for a friend – 1 toddler and 2 adult sizes asap.

70) I’m not one to switch out my purse frequently but I found a pattern I love and want to make for myself. It’s McCalls M6532 and I’m not sure which view I want to make yet. I’ve ordered some fabric specific for it and I’m waiting for it to arrive then I see how the fabric print lines up with the different pattern pieces.

71-74) A few more things that’s been on my to do list is: the back seat organizer for my little girl using Simplicity pattern 1128 (71); a sewing machine organizer pad using this pattern by So Sew Easy (72); a sewing machine cover (73); and some sort of bag book thingy to hold all of my sewing machine feet (I’m designing the pattern for this since I can’t find one I like) (74).

75-77) My youngest keeps seeing the commercials for those Snuggy Tails on TV, however, she wants one they don’t make so it looks like there’s another thing added to my list – a rainbow-colored mermaid tail blanket. Yep. This will be easy enough for me to do without a pattern. It’s going to be two layers – an inner soft, warm and snuggly fabric and the outside will be the “pretty” layer. The inside will be one piece which I’ll cut to shape. The outside will be strips of various “rainbow” colors sewn together then cut to shape. Stitch it all together and it’ll be good to give. Plus I’ll have to make 2 matching ones – the first for her favorite stuffed kitty and the second for her favorite baby doll.

78) Hubby falls asleep frequently on the couch and when he does our little girl gets one of her blankets to cover him up with since he don’t have a “couch quilt” of his own. After digging through my stash I came across a funny hunters comic panel and two coordinating fabrics that I’ll be using. I’m going to get our daughter to help me and this will be her gift for her daddy this year.

79-87) I’m planning on making some clothes for myself for a change. Using a tunic top that I love, I’ll be drafting a pattern from that and making 5 more (79, 80, 81, 82, 83). Plus, I’m hoping to make at least 4 pair of pants (84, 85, 86, 87).

Plus, it’s time to make some clothes for fall and winter for my little girl. She’s gone through a growth spurt – she’s grown 1.25″ in the past 30 days alone and all of the bigger cool/cold weather clothes I had starting buying and stockpiled will not be fitting her.
88-127) Things I have planned include:
* 3 Sugarplum Capris by Living With Punks (88, 89, 90)
* 3 Pleat by Pleast skirts by Bellamie Boo’s Pattern Store (91, 92, 93)
* 3 Bloom & Grow Skirts by Skirt Fixation Shop (94, 95, 96)
* 5 self-drafted legging pattern (97, 98, 99, 100, 101)
* 3 Vitaminic Bubble Nightgown by Serger Pepper (102, 103, 104)
* 3 Girls Maxi Skirt by Modest Eve Sewing Studio (105, 106, 107)
* 3 Peasant Dress Tops by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom (108, 109, 110)
* 3 Bell Sleeve T-Shirt Dress by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom (111, 112, 113)
* 3 Flat Front Panel Skirts by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom (114, 115, 116)
* 3 Princess Peasant Tops by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom (117, 118, 119)
* 5 Urban Princess Dresses by Domestic Bliss Squared – I’ll probably end up making           more of these to get another use out of her now too short long-sleeved tops. (120, 121, 122, 123, 124)
* 3 Girl’s Knit Tunics by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom (125, 126, 127)
That includes: * 12 skirts * 3 capris * 5 leggins/pants * 3 nightgowns * 8 dresses * 9 tops.
In case you can’t tell, I adore the patterns from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. Not only are they cute and easy but most of them can be layered with turtle neck shirts and leggings underneath for those colder days.

Instead of make one of these, one of those, and so on, I find it’s much easier to use versatile patterns to make things assembly line style and just switch up the fabrics and/or detailing. Plus, if I keep everything in the girly pinks and purples that she loves and toss in a smidge of a single neutral color, her entire wardrobe can be interchangeable and I don’t have to worry about her not matching or her dad putting on a cringe-worthy-did-he-dress-her-in-the-dark-outfit.

Thinking about making things assembly line style, as you’ll notice in my entire list, the majority of the sewn items will be made in multiples for that same reason. It really cuts back on time to make things like that. Instead of making one of this – taking the time to print the pattern, read and understand the directions, cut the fabric, sew it up and tweak it to the individuals preferences then start all over again from go, you only have to print and cut out the pattern once, only have to understand one set of instructions, and can chain piece the various fabric pieces. Win win in my opinion!

Well, the instructions said to make the list as long as we want. This is everything that I have on my list that I’d LIKE to accomplish… There’s a 0.01% chance I’ll finish it all, but this way I can remember everything I had planned on and pick and choose as I have time and energy.